RUB – Tether Income


Status: Paying
Social Networks
In this unique and professional site, with only one Instagram account, you can earn dollars by liking, following, commenting and even watching videos and withdraw your income easily.
Right robot is now NOT only in the stock market of the Russian Federation! Added dollars and euros, as well as ETFs and mutual funds (US and European). In addition, Right's team of securities valuation analysts and portfolio managers for global asset management has been strengthened to enable you to work with USD and EUR instruments, as well as ETFs and Mutual Funds.
Our opinion: the project gave a chic profit for 21 weeks of full-fledged work. As a result, it was possible to fix up to 198% net profit. The insurance fund for the project is $1,200. Applications for compensation for losses are accepted until 12:00 (UTC time) 10/15/2020! Applications are over! Update 10/16/20: Project Gissis compensation has been successfully paid to everyone who submitted a claim for loss compensation on time, followed our recommendations and adhered to the rules of the blog. Managed to cover 75% of investors' losses. Great!