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Profixone.com (PAYING)
ProfiXone Capital LLC. is registered with registration number 834 LLC 2021 in the jurisdiction of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and its registered office is Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, P.O.Box 1510, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Risk disclaimer: Before trading, you should ensure that you've undergone sufficient preparation and fully understand the risks involved in margin trading. ProfiXone Capital LLC does not provide services to residents of the USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, the Democratic Republic of Korea, Iran, Syria, Sudan and Cuba.
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Marketpeak.com (PAYING)
The term «FinTech» has become more and more established in recent years. Blockchain and crypto are no longer ignored by financial market players, it's something they are investing actively. Just to mention, in 2022 top banks invest in blockchain and crypto; Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Citi, HSBC, and many more. The most active Investors in blockchain companies in 2022 are Alphabet (Google), BlackRock, MorganStanley, Samsung, Goldman Sachs, PayPal, and Microsoft.
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Terminal.conomy.ru (PAYING)
Right robot is now NOT only in the stock market of the Russian Federation! Added dollars and euros, as well as ETFs and mutual funds (US and European). In addition, Right's team of securities valuation analysts and portfolio managers for global asset management has been strengthened to enable you to work with USD and EUR instruments, as well as ETFs and Mutual Funds.
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Edain.ai (PAYING)
To help the community of Edain holders through collaboration and mutual trust, we are launching an initiative called Phoenix Merge that gives all EAI holders the opportunity to exchange their EAI units under specific conditions.
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Localtrade.cc (PAYING)
Exchange LocalTrade has been operating since 2017, but it has changed its owner, a large team bought it, and in order to popularize the exchange, they launched MLM marketing. A separate direction was created in the large ecosystem of the exchange - Defi Lab with many different directions. And the first is the LTT token and the LUSD stable token.
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Gk-pulse.com (PAYING)
Trading in financial instruments and (or) cryptocurrencies involves high risks, including the risk of losing part or all of the investment amount, so it is not suitable for all investors. Cryptocurrency prices are extremely volatile and can change under the influence of external factors, such as financial news, legislative decisions or political events. Margin trading leads to increased financial risks.