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Binance is the largest exchange in the world and the largest centralized exchange in the world, whose native currency is called BNB, and it offers a variety of services to its users.

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Surf Site
Using this search engine, you can search for sites, photos and videos on the Internet and earn money. You will receive some PRE tokens for searching. This token is listed on Coin Market Camp and you can buy and sell through HitBTC, ProBit Exchange, CoinExchange, YoBit exchanges. You can also convert to Bitcoin and Ethereum. become
Status: Paying
Earning software
One of the best ways to extract free bitcoins is to use the Crypto Tab browser. Today, many people use this browser to mine bitcoins for free. Working with this browser is very simple and it is the same as the Google Chrome browser, except that after installing this browser, you can extract bitcoins for free.
Status: PAYING
Terminal.conomy.ru (PAYING)
Right robot is now NOT only in the stock market of the Russian Federation! Added dollars and euros, as well as ETFs and mutual funds (US and European). In addition, Right's team of securities valuation analysts and portfolio managers for global asset management has been strengthened to enable you to work with USD and EUR instruments, as well as ETFs and Mutual Funds.
Status: SCAM Cashbery.com (HYIP SCAM)
Our opinion: the project worked adequately. For 216 days of work, it was possible to earn about 310% profit . The insurance fund for the project - $ 4,000. Applications for compensation for losses are accepted until 12:00 (UTC time) on 10/20/2018! Applications are over!