1200$ – Tether Income


Status: SCAM Gissis.com (HYIP SCAM)
Our opinion: the project gave a chic profit for 21 weeks of full-fledged work. As a result, it was possible to fix up to 198% net profit. The insurance fund for the project is $1,200. Applications for compensation for losses are accepted until 12:00 (UTC time) 10/15/2020! Applications are over! Update 10/16/20: Project Gissis compensation has been successfully paid to everyone who submitted a claim for loss compensation on time, followed our recommendations and adhered to the rules of the blog. Managed to cover 75% of investors' losses. Great!
Status: SCAM
Avaexe.com (HYIP SCAM)
Investments in Avaexe ✅ ( official website avaexe.com ) is a well-prepared highly profitable asset that offers to receive regular income on cryptocurrency operations for 1-110 days, with a total income of 102-176%. Blog partners have the opportunity to receive up to 15% investment bonus, and there is also $111 protection .