4500$ – Tether Income


Status: SCAM Bitstil.pro (HYIP SCAM)
Our opinion: for 153 days of work, you could get up to 384% net profit , taking into account the bonus from the blog. TOP! The insurance fund for the project is $4,500 . Applications for compensation for losses are accepted until 12:00 (UTC time) 06/24/2021! Reception of applications is over. Applications are accepted ONLY within the above deadlines! Requests sent before the announcement of the collection or after it ends will NOT be considered! Thanks for understanding. Update 06/26/2021: Friends, we want to inform you that due to the large number of applications, the payment of insurance for the BitStil project is delayed, we will make payments within about 1-2 days. Update 06/26/21: Bitstil project compensation has been successfully paid to everyone who submitted a claim for loss compensation on time, followed our recommendations and adhered to the rules of the blog. Loss coverage: for those who met all the conditions - 27% , for those who violated the rules of the blog - 11% .