200$ – Tether Income


Status: PAYING
Edain.ai (PAYING)
To help the community of Edain holders through collaboration and mutual trust, we are launching an initiative called Phoenix Merge that gives all EAI holders the opportunity to exchange their EAI units under specific conditions.
Status: PAYING
Localtrade.cc (PAYING)
Exchange LocalTrade has been operating since 2017, but it has changed its owner, a large team bought it, and in order to popularize the exchange, they launched MLM marketing. A separate direction was created in the large ecosystem of the exchange - Defi Lab with many different directions. And the first is the LTT token and the LUSD stable token.
Status: SCAM
luxury-trade.pro (HYIP SCAM)
The work is based on the Telegram bot. There is also a business card site. Profitability from +1 to +2.5% per day (floating interest) for 90 days, the deposit is returned at the end of the term. You can close your deposit ahead of schedule, within 20 days after creation. Your deposit amount will be returned to your balance within 5 working days. The accrued profit on this deposit as well as the 10% commission will be deducted. Payment systems:USDT, Tron, BitCoi, Ethereum, BNB, LiteCoin. There is a channel, chat and support in Telegram. Do not forget about the risks, there is no insurance