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Premium Listing

By charging $350, $200 will be invested in the project, and see more details for the rest. If you need to increase the project insurance for more than $500, please contact us by email or telegram.

Price $350

We are for an individual approach to each client

We are ready to discuss all your wishes in a personal conversation. We will take everything into account and find the promotion option that will fully satisfy your needs.

#ServicePremium Listing
1Project list fee350$
2Reinvest project200$
3insurance fund0$
4Posting on blog and social networksYES
5Detailed text review of the project, after writing, mailing to all blog channelsYES
6Video review of the project with publication on the YouTube channel, Telegram and TwiiterNO
7Increased refback to our referralsNO
8We set statuses and publish a review on popular hyip resources (h-metrics, investorsstartpage and others)YES
9Support and posting payments in chats, social networksYES
10Daily monitoring and posting payouts on the blogYES
11Every day we publish a report of received payments on the blog and in social networksYES
12Targeted mailing to subscribers of our blog by e-mailNO
13Publication of posts in social networks of the list of projects for which the insurance fund operatesYES
14Intermediate results of the project, publication of reports on the blog and social networksYES
15Banner top header (728×90), The timing varies between 1 week and 4 weeksYES
16Banner side right (300×250) or (250×250), The timing varies between 1 week and 4 weeks
17The project falls into the category of blog contests. 
We hold a drawing of prizes on a blog or in social networks with the support of your project
18Sponsor of the video on the YouTube channel, we will advertise your project and give recommendations for investmentsNO
19At will, we carry out the “Depot Day” promotion, increase red back to your referralsNO
20Fixing the review in the blog header, the timing is in questionNO
21Underlay (1920×1080) unique background branding on the project overview page, indefinitelyNO
22The project falls into the category “Recommended”NO
23Permanent project support, 100% payback guaranteeNO
24With a long project work, all services are extended for an unlimited period. NO
25The discount in all services is a variable percentageNO

Our Details

Tether USDT TRC20 : TJZfxt9hECRyM2vNWMHRHbW5nStqpebhMr
Tether USDT TRC20 : TJZfxt9hECRyM2vNWMHRHbW5nStqpebhMr


Insurance Project

PAYING - Insurance $1000
PAYING - Insurance $850
PAYING - Insurance $850

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List Project

PAYING - Insurance $1000
PAYING - Insurance $850
PAYING - Insurance $850
This project is being paid.(PAYING)
This project is being paid.
This project is being paid.